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BIG TAK Marine Service Inc. was started so that Captain Tak could share his
love of the ocean with many people. BIG TAKⅡis registered as a professional fishing boat being approved by the governer of Kanagawa Prefecture(Kanagawa#3082). We are also particularly familiar with Sagami Bay and nearby Izu Islands and Izu Peninsula. We offer a full professional cruising and fishing service out of Chigasaki on the Shonan Coast of beautiful Sagami Bay, an hour by train or by road from central Tokyo.Come explore with us enjoying cruising, fishing, swimming/snorkeling or evening relaxing. BIG TAK has a wide range of services/options to help you achieve your Japan travel dreams!  

Japan, an island nation with a strong maritime tradition, has an oasis for deep sea fishing and sea sports lovers only a stone's throw away from Tokyo. Sagami Bay is that oasis. From our cruiser splendid views of Enoshima, the Hakone mountain range, the summit slopes of Mt. Fuji and the distant Izu peninsula can be had, the same spectacular views that you can see in Hiroshige's famous wood-block prints.If you're lucky, you may even see whales or dolphins at play.

Bring the family along for a great day out with friends, or let us
organize a company event for you. Our luxury and comfortable cruiser,
which accommodates 15 is ideal for on-board conferences or discreet
meetings in a beautiful setting, not to mention the perfect venue for a romantic date. Don't hesitate to get in touch by phone or e-mail(English is fine!)and let us help you arrange a fun day out. No group is too small.
Just let us know what time suits you and what your budget is. The captain and crew look forward to having you join us at any time!

*Dates - Year round business (including over the new year holiday!)
*Time - Schedule time can be from 5am through 5pm(summer 6:30pm) with departure times scheduled for your convenience.
*One or more nights of expeditions, such as Izu Islands, are possible.
*Guidance on a cruising fishing basic course available.
*Departure Location - From local marina (Rivert Port Marina) or from Hiratsuka New Harbor
*Pick Up from local train station JR Tokaido Line Chigasaki station
(south exit) or Hiratsuka station (south exit).
Please arrange pick up by calling the office beforehand.
*Please take a look at a calendar about open dates/or other special plans.
*In addition to the various charter options below, please don't hesitate to ask about customizing your own charter. The captain and crew are waiting
to serve you enjoy the best of Sagami Bay!

*Inquiry and reservation,
Big Tak II
official website:
Tel: 0467-81-4099 / 81-467-55-8433 (overseas)
Hirofumi Takayama(BIG TAK!) 
Captain, Big Tak II
(Leisure Fishing Boat Business License/Shonan Maritime Rescue Squadron)
President & Representative Director
Big Tak Marine Service Inc.

*Cancellation Policy
Unexpected cancellation whereas no weather issue will be charged as follows:
7days ~ 4days before charter 30%
3days ~ 2days 50%  
1 day before  70%
On the charter day 100%  

*****BOAT (BIG TAKⅡ)*****

Luhrs (40ft) Made in the U.S.A.

Capacity: 15 (including Captain & Crew)
Up to 12-13 adults can board (please contact BIG TAK for accomodations
for small children, elderly ,small pets or special baggage).
Children 12 and over are counted as adults
Facilities- A captain room, a crew room (bunk bed), a cabin, a marine
air-conditioner, ground-digital-broadcasting TV, CD, DVD, audio, a flush lavatory, a shower, refrigeration and a freezer, a moveable cooking stove, microwave oven, night navigation, emergency radio etc)  

Cabin/Deck:6-7 guests comfortable seating capacity plus seating on the Flying Bridge. More than 10 guests can seat on the bow deck.

*Seasonality - T-shirts can be worn comfortably for the summer season and winter is quite pleasant in sweaters during fine weather.
Sleeping Capacity - 3-5 and bunk bed can be also used at any time during
the trip.

*****Team BIG TAK*****

Captain/Owner - Hiofumi Takayama (nick name:BIG TAK)

Producer/Director - Masayuki Kawatsura

Cordinator/Supervisor - Keiko Shirai

Vice Captain - Timothy Marrable

Mechanic/Special Vice Captain - M. Hashimoto

Vice Captain - Shino Watanabe

Special Adviser - Rudi Hermawan (NY)

Fishing Advisor - Associate Vice Captain - Seiji Konno

Maintenance - Hiroshige Takayama

*** Special fishing/Cruising Options ***  
Please pay by cash or Credit Card.  

*Deep Sea Fishing with instructions - Inside designated fishing locaton with depth of 300-500 meters!
Time - Approximately 4 hours
Cost - 22,000 yen per person (minimum of 3 guests, Maximum 5)
Jigging Capacity - 7 guests available
Includes - Electric reel&rod rental,drink&snack service,insurance,berthing fee and consumption tax  

*Cruising to Hatsushima Island/XIV Resort, Atami spa Marina or Ito Sun Rise Marina (please choose)
Time - Approximately 5 Hours
Cost - 25,000 yen per guest(minimum of 5 guests - up to 12).
Includes - Hot Spring Bath entrance fee,lunch box,drink&snack service,insurance,berthing fee and consumption tax

*Sweetheart Cruise!
Special charter Cruise only for a couple to celebrate a special occasion!
Time - Approximately 1.5 hours
Cost - 52,000 yen per couple
Includes - Special photography,champagne,drink&snack service,insurance,berthing fee and consumption tax.  

*Family/Birthday Sagami Bay Short Cruise(Limited special menu)
Timing - Approximately 2.5 hours
Cost - 60,000 yen per family of 5.(8,000yen for each additional adult, 5,000yen for each additional child)
Includes - Drink&snack service,insurance,courtesy photo,berthing fee and consumption tax

*Corporate & Business Charter!
Timing - Approximately 3 hours
Corporate entertainment, business/casual meeting charter cruise
Cost - 100,000 yen for up to 5 guests. 10,000 per guest for six or more.
Includes - Drink&snack service,insurance,berthing fee and consumption tax
Please consult about lunch and alcohol.

*Misaki Fishing Port/Tuna lunch Cruise!
Timing - approximately 4 hours
Costs - 120,000 yen for up to 5 guests and 15,000 for each additional
Includes - Misaki Harbor special tuna lunch,drink&snack service,insurance,berthing fee and consumption tax  

*One Way Charter Cruise
Timing - Depends on drop off location.
Costs - This cruise option is ideal for those times when traffic is a concern on your depauture. Basically departure will be from Hiratsuka New Harbor/or Hiratsuka River port Marina, but other ports, such as Hayama, Enoshima, Yokohama can be negotiable with extra fees (please contact).

*Sagami Bay Full Custom Charter
Timing - Approximately 8 hours
Costs - 200,000~ for 10 guests, 20,000 yen for each additional guest up to 12.
includes - Full custom charter cruise (please suggest if anything you would like to do). Lunch box,drink&snack service,drink&snack service,insurance,courtesy photo, berthing fee and consumption tax

*Izu Island Expedition Tour - Ohshima, Toshima, Niijima and Shikine-jima
An exotic cruise to distant Izu Islands!
Timing - Approximately 10 hours per day
Costs - 250,000 yen (Ohshima),300,000 yen (Toshima), 350,000 yen(Niijima and Shikene-jima)for up to 10 guests, 20,000 yen for each additional guest.
Includes - Pacific Ocean charter cruise,lunch box,drink&snack service,insurance,courtesy photo,berthing fee and consumption tax
Introduction to local hotel/Ryokan(Inn)/Car rental is possible upon request.  

Please feel free to contact BIG TAK Marine Service Co.Ltd for further deatils/ or other optional request.

We are all looking forward to meeting you very soon!